Monday, August 30, 2010

Some stunning statistics about “the war”

Hey folks,

Following are some of the statistics about the weight loss war.
  • Total number of participating warriors is 16 i.e. 4 females and 12 males. (better look at ‘total kilograms’ rather looking at ‘total number’)
  • All warrior in the competition are in the OBESE category i.e. BMI above 25. None of them is even in OVERWEIGHT category. (probably this is what makes them a warrior ...good, keep it up !!)
  • Women are no more under privileged, at least in our office…… their average BMI is 0.2 points higher than that of men. (Jai ho matri shakti ki)
  • Parul and Jackson are on the extreme poles of our BMI bar. Where Jackson with the highest 33.91 may be trying to come down, Parul with the lowest 25.07 is trying hard to retain her position. (ambassador bane rahne ke liye karna hai kuchh kam)
  • 12 war days have passed; another 65 days to go. (oh my god !!! so less …time to go for walking)
Enjoy loosing

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